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Apr 18 2019


01:00 PM - 04:00 PM



Angel Fernandez – Paint in Pastel – Just $120 for all 4 sessions!

Cookeville Art Studio & Gallery (CAS & G) will present a workshop entitled “Paint in Pastel”, taught by Angel D. Fernandez. Each class session lasts three hours during which Angel will guide students through the use of the pastel media, its characteristics, benefits, materials, tools and application techniques. Students will be prompted to apply the essential elements of design and composition to develop a painting of the student’s subject choice. Through continual instructor assistance, Angel will provide guidance to resolve specific student challenges and assist each student achieve class objectives which include:
-application techniques: e.g. hatching/cross-hatching, dabbing, blending, scumbling, feathering, and texturing.
-factors affecting stroke registration, e.g. under-painting, color values, layer build-up.
-review media capabilities and limitations.
-learn use of materials, equipment and tools.
-employ elements of composition and design
-design, compose and develop student art work.
Cost of the Workshop is $120 for ALL FOUR SESSIONS! This class is for students over 17 years with graphite/charcoal drawing skills and an understanding of design elements. Workshop is limited to 12 students. A Pastel Materials List is available at CAS & G Office. The class meets from 1 pm to 4 pm on Monday, April 2, and Thursday April 4 & 18 and Tuesday April 23. at 186 A South Walnut Street, Cookeville, (931) 526-2424. Students may register there or by phone.
(compiled by Angel D. Fernandez)
Student’s bring what they already have and are not required to possess all items listed. Materials necessary for class not owned by students will be provided. Advice and suggestions concerning acquisition of materials and tools will be provided by the instructor.
• Soft pastels, suggest set of 120 colors
• Hard pastels, suggest set of 48 colors
• Pastel pencils, suggest set of 36 colors
• Graphite drawing pencils of varying hardness ( e.g.HB, 2B thru 8B, 2H thru 8H)
• Vine and/or willow charcoal
• Erasers of gum, rubber, vinyl (stick or pen) and kneaded (pliable)
• Pastel paper (including toned) and/or sketchbook (11×14 or 14×17)
• Tracing paper
• Blending stumps or torchons, felt, chamois, cotton balls/Q-tips, facial tissue, paper towel
• Craft or sharp knives, single-edge razors, pencil sharpener, and scissors
• Emery boards, nail file, and/or medium grade sandpaper
• Ruler, yard-stick, compass, and T-square
• Workable and final fixative
• Denatured alcohol
• Smock, towel, dust mask, silicone gloves, or other protective clothing
• Drawing board and easel
• Note pad and pencil

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